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Resident guest micFreak
Resident guest Ralph X
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The world's greatest electronic dance music, mixed by Osburn
With resident guests MYXR, micFreak, and Ralph X
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Episode #438 - When We Get There, Remember Where We Started

I am seriously in love with this mix. Best in a while, probably best so far this year. All but We Can Do and Sole Way are BRAND NEW releases, and it's a huge variety of genres. We Can Do into Yamakas is just unreal. Hope you enjoy and thanks for listening!!!

1. XCloud - Into The Past (Chillout Version)

2. K Theory feat. My. Rayger - Limbo

3. The Fabricator - Outer Limits

4. Devil Dragon Tattoo - India

5. Evoltan - Loophole

6. Richi Loop feat. Tribal Kush - Way Up

7. Vancara - Jungle Cinema

8. The Funk Hunters - Party Rockin'

9. Ioannis Kaeme - Ulises

10. Daniel Portman - Avalon

11. Djtl - Put Your Hands Together

12. Betelgeuze - We Can Do

13. Infected Mushroom - Yamakas In Space (Modulation Remix)

14. Mutehead - Refugee

15. DM - TaleSpin

16. Fresh Til' Death - Slippin'

17. Yreane feat. Ellis Ruff - Never Get Me

18. Haldolium - Sole Way

micFreak Guest Mix

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